MadiMak Security

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Welcome to MadiMak Security

Secure Storage Solutions

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We at MadiMak Security provide innovative ways to store your firearms discretely and securely.

  • Hidden in-wall lock boxes
  • Hidden in-wall rifle cabinets
  • Hidden in-wall electronic locking pistol safes
  • Covert storage using ordinary objects in plain site
  • under-seat gun safes for cars/boats
  • electronic hidden complete gun racks available at touch of panic button, biometrics or code
  • bed-side pistol storage
  • long-term storage for food/guns/seeds
  • consulting services


I use firearms for

Customer Testimonials

"Want to give a big shout-out to my colleague Randall Perry and his MadiMak Security firm. As an American, I've long believed it was my civil responsibility to know how to deal with firearms, how to disarm them and otherwise not live in fear of them.

Randy is not only an extremely knowledgeable instructor who took us (my wife and I) through the NRA Home Firearm Safety course, but an extremely broad but deep subject matter expert (SME) on all aspects of security, theft and personal defense for both the home and office. If you have any questions regarding home or office security or other aspects of defense or theft protection, please give him a call. In a matter of minutes, you will quickly realize he's got answers to questions you've never even thought of, but should have. "
- Bryan Jon Smith (Rocket Scientist and Linux Guru).